Who We Are

As a full-service meeting planning and event management agency, all of our clients receive boundless creativity, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.  Operating on a global scale, we produce grand events, from private affairs to large-scale corporate events.

Whether you require services that encompass everything from initial concept development, to planning and production or select services, we shape everything to match your goals. We provide a wide range of expertise across strategy, design and technology solutions, venue sourcing, event management, event production and more. When it comes time to select a venue, a virtual platform or vendors, our longstanding relationships across the globe are key to our resourcefulness, operational excellence and maximizing your budget.

Clients have trusted us with healthcare meetings, industry trade shows, corporate product launches, national sales meetings, incentive programs, employee appreciation retreats, investor meetings, exclusive celebrations and more. We offer a full array of expert event planning services to support virtual, hybrid, in-person or combination events.

What sets us apart when it comes to Logistical Services?

  • We have a detailed, carefully planned approach
  • We bring personalized attention
  • Always calm under pressure
  • We know that exceptional logistics is the path to stellar execution
  • The shorthand we have developed results in a pain-free experience for you

Paige Amesbury – President, Meetings by Design, Inc.

Paige has made a career out of her passion for meeting deadlines, optimizing budgets, and being the most meticulous, and detail-oriented, person you’ll ever meet.

She gained this experience by being on the client-side for ten years at some of the nation’s top corporations—KPMG, MetLife, and Morgan Stanley. This gives her a unique perspective having “walked in the client’s shoes”. She understands events and meetings from their perspective: what they want, what’s important to them, and how to grow relationships that last. During this time she’s also grown quite a shoe collection of her own! So whether it’s an event for fifty or fifty- thousand, Paige steps in with both feet—immaculately appareled—and pumps up the process with finely-honed best practices designed to ensure all logistics, project timelines and objectives are met, and changing needs are re-assessed constantly.

For every kind of event—Sales Meetings, Incentive Meetings, Pharmaceutical Speaker Training Meetings, Leadership, User and Investor Conferences—Paige brings to the floor over 25 years of pre-show and on-site experience. Whether venue management, food and beverage, signage, shipping, ground transportation, staffing, or any other logistical detail, Paige’s diligence means clients can put their best foot forward. Her relationship with all the major hotel brands provides every event the benefit of Paige’s sophisticated, cost-saving negotiations. For example, a strong re-booking provision, sliding scale cancellation penalties, and a 20% attrition clause—now that’s a platform you can stand on!

She’s known nearly a decade of registration stewardship with, Google, Facebook, T-Mobile, UPS, Kimberly-Clark, BI, Pfizer, Abbott, and Coca Cola, to name a few, even developing a system for T-Mobile to scrub incoming data with complete OC checks in place to insure 100% matching of guest information and automated roommate matching for a 6 city tour that included nearly 10,000 attendees.

Paige is passionate about stepping up the spirit of a meeting, and her experience walking in the client’s shoes means her unique mix of creativity, logistics, and budget is always a designer’s dream and the perfect fit!